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Male to Male Naturist  
full body sexy sexual sensual  massage

I cater for all types
Based in Boscombe (1 mile from centre of  Bournemouth).
Read my 100+ reviews


Welcome to a professional and discreet massage service for men. I offer a sensual naturist massage experience for individuals and couples, tailored to your desires and preferences. Sessions are conducted in a safe and comfortable environment, promoting relaxation and exploration.

Prices start at £40 for a 30-minute session or £60 for a full hour during daytime hours (9 am to 5 pm) on weekdays. For weekday evenings (after 5 pm), there is an additional charge of £25 per hour OT fee, making it £80 per hour. Weekend rates are £90 per hour (9 am to 8 pm), including bank holidays.

My services include a variety of very intimate body massage techniques designed to provide  pleasure and relaxation. You have the freedom to interact and touch as you desire, creating an intimate and enjoyable experience akin to a boyfriend experience.

I highly recommend you READ the reviews SEE link above and below ( see BIG black button link )  . They speak volumes  from so many customers' subjective experiences. quite astonishing. I think about 100 so far. The archive has even more


I cater to gay, bisexual, straight males. Sory no females as I am gay. If you prefer, I can be clothed for our session, particularly Ideal for straight clients who may feel more comfortable with that arrangement. Privacy and discretion are guaranteed, making this an ideal opportunity to explore a new and discreet experience.

I have received positive feedback from hundreds of satisfied customers and have years of experience in the field. You can browse through photos of me on the website to get a better sense of who I am. See the MENU button for extra  pictures of me Naked 

In addition to massage, I also offer role-play and light bondage experiences upon request. I have quite a range of sex toys available to enhance our time together. along with a harness to lift your legs up and a fuck bence 

Please note that there is a weight limit of 25 stone or 120kg for my massage table.

Indulge yourself in a highly experienced and relaxing session. However, I kindly request that if you are a new customer, any last-minute cancellations or no-shows be compensated for my time, or future bookings may be declined.


Tel 07478 653831


Yes this is me in this photo

To book an appointment, please text your name to 07478 653831. I will do my best to schedule you in the requested time slot. If it is already taken, I will respond with alternative available times. Please note that I only accept text messages and do not check voicemail or email. Thank you.

Important Notice: For new customers, please be aware that if you cancel your appointment last minute or fail to show up without notifying me in advance, you will have the following options:

1. Pay for the missed or cancelled appointment: In this case, you will be responsible for compensating me for the time reserved for you.

2. Inability to use my services again: Alternatively, if you choose not to pay for the missed appointment, you will no longer be able to avail yourself of my services in the future.

I kindly request your understanding and cooperation in respecting these policies. It allows me to better serve all of my clients and maintain an efficient scheduling system. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please note that I have certain guidelines in place to ensure efficient communication and a respectful experience for both parties involved. Kindly be aware of the following:

1. Blocked and Withheld Numbers: I do not accept text messages or voice calls from blocked or withheld numbers. This policy is in place to prevent time-wasting individuals, dreamers, and pranksters from reaching me. If you choose to hide your phone ID, I regretfully cannot accommodate your request or inquiries. 

2. English Communication: It is essential that we can communicate clearly in English. If I am unable to understand you or if you cannot converse fluently in English, I will have to decline your business. I value effective communication, and this criterion ensures a smooth interaction. Please understand that I will block individuals who do not meet this requirement.

3. Booking Procedures: For bookings or inquiries, I encourage you to text me on the following number: 07478 653831  I cannot answer SMS calls from a mobile outside the UK  so get in touch with me via Whatsapp whatsapp instead if your mobile is not a UK Sim card . If you are making a booking, kindly include your preferred time, date, and your first name in the text message. I will make every effort to accommodate your request within my schedule. If I am currently occupied, please allow me up to 90 minutes to respond. Your patience is appreciated.

4. Respectful Communication: I appreciate respectful individuals who approach me with genuine intentions. Please refrain from engaging in endless chit-chat or requesting photos. I prioritize genuine encounters and discourage sex chatters or those with unrealistic expectations. If you meet these criteria, I assure you a pleasant and easygoing experience.

Thank you for visiting my website. Should you have any further questions or wish to make a booking, please reach out to me via text message. I look forward to assisting you.


Relax. Release, Unwind !


Male 2 Male erotic  massage  

I particulary love my work and as such a person who loves the job they do tends to get naturally very good at it . I love turning guys on. It gives me a great sense of giving that pleasure Discover the perfect destination for an unparalleled male erotic sensual massage experience. Contact me via text or call for an array of additional services. For a more reassuring interaction, I recommend calling directly. If I am busy with a customer / unavailable, please send a text message as an alternative. Kindly note that I do not respond to voicemail.

With 20 years of IT engineering expertise, expect nothing less than professionalism and reliability. Try me for an unforgettable encounter.

Note you must be  18+ and  ID required if I think your not

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of a Traditional Swedish massage to soothe your tired muscles. Additionally, a wide range of inclusive services is available, including various sensual and erotic activities. Feel free to discuss your preferences openly, as I aim to create a comfortable and non-judgmental environment. Services such as role play, kink, light bondage, and more are offered to cater to individual desires.

When it comes to sensual/Tantric massage, there are numerous benefits to be enjoyed. One of the primary advantages is the release of sexual tension, allowing for better control of sexual energy through increased awareness. By treating sexual emotions as a form of relaxing meditation, a deep sense of peace can be achieved, facilitating mental and emotional relaxation. This practice can also be helpful for individuals dealing with premature ejaculation. During lingam massage (penis massage), the therapist may briefly pause stimulation when the recipient nears orgasm, leading to heightened pleasure. By repeating this process, the recipient can learn to prolong the desire for ejaculation and experience heightened arousal, resulting in more intense and powerful orgasms. Clients have often expressed astonishment and satisfaction with these results.

Furthermore, sensual/Tantric massage can address various sex-related issues, including premature ejaculation, while also improving blood circulation for firmer and better erections. Many clients have reported an increased sense of well-being, as well as the restoration of their sex drive and self-confidence. It can also enhance sexual relationships with partners, leading to improved intimacy and satisfaction.

Beyond its sexual benefits, sensual/Tantric massage is an effective tool for combating stress and depression. In a world where physical touch has become increasingly scarce, it is essential to indulge in what every human being needs. Rest assured that the experience provided is entirely professional, free from complications, guilt, or any involvement in personal relationships. Privacy and discretion are paramount. Each session includes access to plenty of soap, a refreshing hot shower, and clean towels, ensuring you feel completely refreshed afterwards.


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

Soothing  Massage

Sensual Erotic Massage  

Pay on arrival for new customers

30 mins £40
1 Hour  £60
90 mins  £90

The above prices are for  Mon to Fri 8 am to 5 pm 
Note that weekdays After 5 pm

I charge a reasonable overtime rate of £25 extra per hr.. not even time half
The Weekend & Bank holiday rate is £90 per hour  at all time

If you require any other extra features, then just ask in a phone text message

Almost everything listed on my website is all included in the time you pay for. So you do not need to worry about what you get for your money.

The only exception Is that I  charge extra for SAFE anal sex using condom ,just an £20 extra 


Slow gentle soothing massage by a very experienced male. I use unscented coconut oils.

You can have a massage without oils if prefered.

Massage Swap around 

Since I have been asked by a quite a  few customers if they can massage me naked ,Then that is ok. .

If you are the type that would like to message me in any way then just let me know when you have booked me. Some guys like to experience touching me as much as me touching them intimately. 

The prices for this are a flat rate for all services other than anal of which I list the extra fees

meaning its all included in the time per hr other than anal or and past 5pm ( my overtime fee )  or Weekend work I charge extra as you would expect to be paid for working your weekends . 

Below is a current photo of me

I now do manscaping shaving 

If you want to be shaved down below. The Cost is  £30  front and back. It takes about 25 mins to do this makes your cock and balls feel super smooth, no cuts or pain, unlike waxing which can be agony.

It can be trimmed or shaved smooth on both sides sack back and crack.

I use a professional trimmer and a Gillette Fusion 5-blade wet shave. Using E45 skin cream to get it super smooth, done in the shower for extra lubrication and safety. You may want to then add on 30 minutes or add in 60 minutes of sexual massage afterwards for a soothing sexual massage at the same hourly fees above for sensual erotic massage. and shave.


Traditional Swedish massage for soothing your tired muscles. or customised as you choose

Nothing sexual at all. For those who just want a soothing gentle massage

Do you fancy and Erotic Boyfriend experience  with intimate shower. all included in the time and price!

Try my erotic intimate shower at the start . It's kind of  like having your boyfriend shower you and caress you all over. Just like you would imagine the best boyfriend would do it . Lovingly, like you are the most special person ever.! See my reviews.. Also by visiting a professional, you get to compare my skills with any new partners so you will have ideas to bring to the table in any relationship plus it sets your standards nice and high so you don't end up with a bad relationship simply because after visiting me you know what you want and know a much clearer idea what you don't want.

So set your standards high and have a quality relationship 

to make you shudder 

Have you ever tried teasing micro touch massage?  with or without oils. it's up to you. or a combo of both. 

It's a way to feel the anticipation of touch as much as the touch. Your brain is not just in your skull!. It's everywhere in your body. After thinking and sight, it is all over your skin and erogenous zones. You brain / Mind feels the world through your sight of course, but sensually through touch. Especially more so with your eyes closed  However, the pause between touch is just as important as the touch. 

Why not experience a Micro Touch massage. with or without oils, just teasing micro touch with your eyes closed or a blindfold. Same prices per hr . All included in the time . I can then move on to do a oil massage directly afterwards.

Would you like to SWAP OVER and have me naked on the table ?

I have had several customers who have asked if they can swap roles briefly and they enjoy something different.

EG they massage me in any way they like sexually too. 

The answer is of course. I love it too. Get me as slippery as you want. Enjoy my body as much as I enjoy yours.

This is obviously for gay and Bisexuals who fancy a change. 

cock spiral.jpg

I do offer full SAFE sexual services. Just ask for this when you book me in . Its Only  £20 More for full penetrative fun.

Fabguys Members can see my profile here. It has some more graphic xxx pictures and videos of my work 

Note: To see my public videos via fabguys  and photos you will be asked to join as a 1 year membership. This is what Fabguys charge and has nothing to do with me. You can however join the site for free separately if you do not care to see the public photos or videos. Its a very good website, and I think £30 for a year's membership is a bargain  Its vastly better than Grinder or Gaydar because people review each other to be genuine with basic details

What is Edging? some ask me.

Click this link to see


  Some mix this up with what is called ruined orgasms but it is not quite that, but similar.

Males, unlike females, when they orgasm, it's finished too soon. Males are done and that's it . 

Females can orgasm many times (10 times in some cases over 1 hr ) However, men can also get their version of this sustained pleasure when it is  done correctly and can have hrs of ecstatic pleasure and endorphins over the hour and afterward you feel wonderful or some say OMG WOW  ( see my reviews)  . However, men have to be teased slowly and gradually brought to the very cliff EDGE of orgasm again and again, so they do not cum or ruin it too early. It's done using some techniques. 

One method is the male recipient /customer signals to me by saying “Im close to orgasm or cumming”. However, I can usually detect this via your moans of pleasure or body language. I then stop for a very short while, as the orgasm energy pleasure dissipates around your body. You will feel the excitement and the endorphins wash over your mind and body each time this start top is done to you. Then the edging ( stroking) continues. This is  done many times until the end of the session when the final orgasm can be so powerful for some, that you wonder how one can experience such pleasure without passing out ,it can be that  good !.

 Best of all
it's all included in the price!
Squirel massage.gif

Yes I have a sense of humor 


Please ONLY txt me  on this tel 07478 653 831  to ask questions or make a request to book in.  If you're offended by anything here then please see the!

Tel 07478 653831

Im offended Police report .jpeg
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