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Hotels Near me

If you are looking for hotels or guest houses very near me, within a 2-minute walking distance, then I would suggest searching for hotels on Westby Road, Boscombe.

If you are a hotel and wish to be added to or removed from this list, please contact me via text at 07478 653831. I will verify it is you and add or remove you as per your request. Please supply your hotel name.

Below are a few I found within sight or close walking distance:

Lemur Lodge - Boutique Apartments

  • 3 mins walk away on Sea Road, next to My Road

  • Very plush hotel indeed

  • Lemur Lodge Booking

  • Ample parking and recently refurbished

The Westby Guesthouse

Premier Inn Hotel

  • 25 mins walk away

  • Premier Inn Bournemouth East (Boscombe) Hotel

  • Premier Inn Booking (shortened link)

The Strand Guesthouse

  • 2 mins walk away on Westby Road

The Ravensbourne Hotel

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